Building on the principles of green chemistry we make accessible industrially feasible, interesting and novel process technology and (plant) biotechnology solutions for the development and production of plant-based ingredients, as well as other industrial applications such as the drug formulation or fine chemical synthesis.


Powerful tools for development of new drugs, process and raw material sources.

Design of experiments combined with screening methods and small and medium throughput analysis represents a useful tool in the development and optimization of new processes and applications.

In our own and complemented by well-integrated external laboratories we offer flexible equipment and setups for standardized protocols and customized investigations, with which we support our customers and partners to optimize development processes, simplify and achieve optimal results.

Active Ingredient development

Screening for new, bioactive and functional ingredients in natural substance libraries, e.g. the Holland Biodiversity Library of Extracts.

Plant biological and biotechnological development

  • Screening for elite plants with high drug production
  • Screening for alternative plant sources
  • Screening for highly productive plant cell lines for in vitro production
  • High-throughput analysis for the optimization of cultivation conditions

Chemical process development

  • Screening for suitable biocatalysts for natural product modification and semi-synthesis
  • Screening of relevant process parameters for development and optimization of extraction methods and biocatalytic reactions
  • Screening for suitable ‘green’ solvents for extraction, formulation or synthesis
  • High-throughput analysis for the determination of solubility parameters