Besides custom-made active ingredients we offer a range of regular products, which are available from regular production or can be made to order.

Our product portfolio for the different industries we serve can be downloaded here. Detailed product information we are pleased to provide upon request.


Small volumes of our products for research and development, pharmaceutical compounding and other personalized formulations, as well as analytical reference standards and impurities can be ordered through our webshop.

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We deliver fractions from plant cell cultures, exsudates and extracts, isolated and high- purity plant secondary metabolites and their modifications for use as bioactive ingredient.

compounds from plant- based, renewable raw materials for application as functional ingredients in formulation, in particular for bioactivity enhancement, solubilization, stabilization and conservation. We deliver in particular

  • DISSOCEL – Solvents and solubilizers based on renewable sources
  • high- quality, functional ingredients for critical formulations and applications, such as parenteral (bio-)pharmaceuticals, vaccines, fermentation processes,…

PHYTOACTIVE – carbohydrate – conjugates. Natural glycosides with improved eficacy, stability, solubility and formulation.

Photosensitizers for use in therapy, diagnostics, medicinal products or technical applications.