acphis. A leading service provider and supplier of plant-biotechnological and phytochemical solutions for the life-science industry.

We are offering a unique, integrated sourcing and production approach for nature-derived active and functional ingredients to the life science industry.


Natural processes
for plant-derived ingredients.

We are more then just a raw material supplier with an interesting product portfolio:

our customers aleady benefit from our expert eye and ressources as service and solution provider in early development and project phases. No matter if raw material supply has to be ensured to take critical milestones such as production of clinical material or launch quantities, if quality problems or supply shortages have to be solved or if you simply look for a sustainable and high- performance supply chain – you can rely upon our team of experts in every situation.

Backed with a comprehensive service and technology portfolio we offer controlled supply and value chains, from cultivation of plant material through extraction to the modification or formulation.

No compromises between ‘efficient’ and ‘clean’.

Ecological awareness is no buzz word to us but a matter of course and even more a question of competitiveness and productivity.

Our approach is simple: higher energy and ressource efficiency leads to lower production costs. Supply chains elaborated with regard to their environmental impact on the long run lead to an increased supply security. A small ecological footprint is a unique selling proposition. Based on this understanding we develop, produce and supply plant-derived active ingredients.